October 2020 Prayer Letter

“Black Diamond”

Strive to enter in the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able. (Lk. 13:24)

In the gemstone world a black diamond is a precious stone most often displayed in jewelry. Typically believed to resemble power, authority, charisma, and passion. In addition, a black diamond, much as a white diamond, signifies eternal, flawless, and unchanging qualities.

   Sounds like qualities of God, doesn’t it? Wow! Could we ever go somewhere with a sermon on this.

   But, “Black Diamond” also has another meaning… In the trail world it means danger! Skiing, biking, hiking, or Jeepin’; this indicates the steepest, narrowest, most difficult, challenging and hazardous trail. “Expert Only”!

   The irony here is that we must traverse the difficulties of the “Black Diamond” trails of life to reach the eternal, flawless, and unchanging qualities of God.

We say this following our recent trip to West Virginia and Kentucky where we  had the opportunity to ‘Jeep’ some of the Hatfield McCoy trails. Once entering a “black diamond” trail we were committed. No matter how steep, narrow, difficult, challenging, or hazardous it was, there was no place to turn around or go back! The biggest rocks & ledges had to be crossed, the widest deepest ravines and gullies had to be negotiated, and we had to blow through the deepest mud holes. Yes, it was bumpy, rough, nerve-wracking, and time consuming but upon making it through we could stop, take a breath and feel a sense of accomplishment (though we have had some call this stupidity or craziness).

Life in Christ is much the same, we’re committed and hope you are too. No matter how steep, narrow, difficult, challenging, or even hazardous our walk is we must press on, navigate the obstacles as they come, and pray our way through (yes we prayed our way through several trail obstacles too). Endure the bumps and have patience, we’ll make it through and have a sense of “well done, good and faithful servant”. We know all too well, as Christians we are often called stupid and crazy anyway.

We know the result, the true destination… The eternal, flawless, unchanging, power, authority, charisma, and passion of God, our precious rock and gemstone, our ‘Black Diamond’!

Oh, by the way ‘Ole Rubi’, our jeep, has been retired. This was her last hoo-raaah.

Thank you for your prayers, God granted us complete health and safety. We were able to deliver a completely full Jeep load of health care products, and tracts & bibles to the West Virginia Rescue Ministries and to meet with and encourage Pastor Jeff Benedict.

Further south we met with Pastor Gary Wilson and visited with The Abundant Life Worship Center. This was a great time of fellowship especially as the Lord saw fit to call a soul unto salvation!

Another encounter was with the executive director of New Beginnings Home for Men, and Marjorie Oakley Home for Women. Time and pandemic did not allow for visitation but the potential for planning future visits. God granted us some of the most divinely appointed encounters and opportunities to share the love of Christ with others!

Currently our ministry remains local; preaching, teaching, and serving near home as most other countries remain closed to ‘tourism’ and leisure travel. Thank you to all who continue to partner and pray with us in the ministry the Lord has called us to.

 Lydia’s Grace is an approved subsidiary of Keystone World Outreach that focuses on sharing the love of Jesus to women in need through the distribution of feminine care products.

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Love and Blessings in Christ,

    Bitt & Sherry Miller

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