Welcome to Lydia's Grace!

Here, our vision is that No woman will ever have to make a decision of taking care of herself or feeding her children.  Our vision is also that No woman will have her dignity compromised.

We take feminine napkins and tampons to homeless shelters, safe houses, restoration centers and church camps in the United States and Canada. These are distributed in small handmade drawstring tote-bags that contain the products, bar soap, washcloth and the gospel message in a beautiful brochure for women only.



Mission Statement

Sharing the love of Jesus to women in need through the distribution of feminine hygiene products.

We are in constant need of..
1. Feminine napkins
2. Tampons
3. Washcloths
4. Soap
5. Financial Gifts

6. New Underwear (all sizes)

Ready to Help Us?

Donations to Keystone World Outreach and Lydia's Grace of Money or supplies are greatly needed.