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Lydia’s Grace is a compassionate initiative with a profound vision to ensure that no woman faces the heart-wrenching decision between caring for herself or feeding her children. Founded on the principles of dignity, care, and empowerment, Lydia’s Grace is committed to making a meaningful impact on the lives of women across the United States and Canada who are experiencing homelessness, seeking refuge in safe houses, undergoing restoration, or participating in church camps.

Frequently Asked Questions
What items can i donate?

We are in constant need of..
1. Feminine napkins
2. Tampons
3. Washcloths
4. Soap
5. Financial Gifts
6. New Underwear (all sizes)

Where can I donate these items?

Contact us to arrange a pick up or drop off appointment. Drop off locations vary.

Do you take monetary donations?

Yes! All donations go directly into the KWO ministry. If you would like your donation to be specifically used for KWO’s ministry “Lydia’s Grace” please put “Lydia’s Grace” in the memo portion during the donation process.

Click here to give via credit card Or mail a donation to:

Keystone World Outreach
P.O. Box 353
Rouzerville, Pa. 17250
(Please Make Checks Payable to “Keystone World Outreach”)

What does KWO do with the donations?

We take feminine napkins and tampons to homeless shelters, safe houses, restoration centers and church camps in the United States and Canada. These are often distributed in small handmade drawstring tote-bags and cases that contain the products, bar soap, washcloth and the gospel message in a beautiful brochure for women only.

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