In Luke chapter 12, Jesus speaks to an innumerable multitude telling them of their worth and beauty to God the Father, how He loves them and will meet their needs, but to seek first the kingdom of God.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Let your Loins be girded about, and your lights burning; (vs. 34-35)

Next is the action to take… Preparedness, girding up your loins.

This action took the cumbersome tunic up and out of the way of ones legs for him to travel or run, war or fight, or to work or labor.

As we take Jesus’ teaching to a spiritual level, and bring it to today, it is so important for us to gird-up our loins. As Christians we travel this road and run the race, constantly warring and battling in spiritual warfare against the devil, the flesh and our mind as we labor for Christ and the enrichment of His kingdom. Get those cumbersome tails of tunic (fleshly covering) tied-up and out of the way, we have work to do!

God loves you more than you can imagine and He will take care of you and supply all of your needs, so gird up your loins and have your lights burning!

Please keep us in prayer as we gird up our loins and travel to Canada once again. The Lord continues to prompt us in this direction, this time however, a little further west, to British Columbia and Alberta. May the Lord present us with divine encounters as we share the love of the Father and the worth and beauty of each soul.

Thank you for your prayers since our last letter. Our ministry has been local as we have been preaching, teaching, singing and serving as the Lord grants opportunity.

Lydia’s Grace is an approved subsidiary of Keystone World Outreach that focuses on sharing the love of Jesus to women in need through the distribution of feminine care products.

We give thanks for each of you, our prayer partners and partners in ministry; soldiers for Christ. Please pray for us as we pray for each of you.

In Christ,

Britt & Sherry Miller

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