Go and proclaim these words toward the north, and say Return, thou backsliding Israel, saith the LORD; and I will not cause mine anger to fall upon you: for Ibam merciful, saith the LORD, and I will not keep anger forever. (Jer. 3:12)

For several years now we have felt the prompting of the Lord to go and proclaim God’s Word to the North.  This particular trip however, was to Northwestern, Ontario... In February!!!

Even though we faced snow, snow-covered roads, and bitter cold temperatures the entire trip; the prayers of God’s people were clearly answered as we experienced no problems in dealing with the conditions.

We were able to visit three different churches, four homeless/poor/recovery centers, meet individually with 11 pastors to encourage and fellowship, and to pass out 2 boxes of tracts (nearly everything we took) and witness along the way.

The morning we went to minister at ‘Encounter’ it was    -23°f. In fact, most days it never got above single digits and there was about 2 ft. of snow on the ground and it snowed 12 of the 14 days we were there.

Our primary destination was Hope House, a women’s recovery center associated closely with Teen-Challenge. They were having a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for this newly renovated ($400,000.00) upstairs located above an income producing thrift store. City Council (acting mayor), and the Central Canada and Global Teen-Challenge Executive Directors were on hand for the ceremony. What an honor to meet the staff and be a part of this very special event.

On a side note: We got our first experience Ice-Roading!!!

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Lydia’s Grace Update: We travelled to Canada with six large boxes of personal hygiene and feminine care products for distribution. We weren’t sure what to expect or how to plan but we made plenty of contacts to get everything out along with the clear gospel message of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We in fact, even went to buy a full cart of additional products while there! The dire need for feminine sanitary napkins and tampons remains. Please let us know if you can help in any way.

At the Hope House we were able to sit down and talk with Jen (Executive Director) and Krista, one of the staff members. After discussing the history and vision of the facility, Sherry did a very nice video interview with Krista about her experiences, testimony, and going through ‘the program’. She has now graduated to be on staff to help others recover. Visit our Facebook page to see this short interview in its entirety.

Another divine contact was with a lady who works with the local ‘underground’ to assist in housing and feeding abused and fleeing women and children.

Lydia’s Grace is an approved subsidiary of Keystone World Outreach that focuses on sharing the love of Jesus to women in need through the distribution of feminine care products.

Thank you very much for your continued support through product and financial contributions. We know that we cannot do any of this without the help of God and His people.

May you be richly blessed in His grace & love!

Bitt & Sherry Miller